23 August, 2009

pollution ...

speechless ~

When looking at those who claimed that they are busying with what so ever things but they are actually only deal with a small tiny simply thing, den i really feel so speechless with it... I want someone to talk to me sometime, but it don't really comes true all the times. I need to talk to someone when i feel like talking, but nobody wants to bother about me, yet there is a person beside. Feel so sickening and speechless when talking to one but got no reply or response. Seems like i am inexistence in their eyes. I wish to get some respect, but not that kind of serious respectation. Sometime i do talk to people on some certain matters or topics, but they are acted as if there is only a gust of wind blown thru their ears without giving response. Why are they acted this way ?? I dislike to get those unsure answers from those who keep claiming that their answers are 100% correct! If their answers are correct, sure i will listen to it. But, how if the answers given is incorrect and not logic? Why should you guys keep persist that it is a correct anwer? ...

Are they polluted?
Or, Am i the one who actually been polluted?

so swt ~

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